Contact Information:

Phone: 530-601-9729

Fax: 530-746-0657

Please note: Contacting me regarding general inquiries through this email address is not HIPAA secure. Once you are enrolled as a patient, you will have a HIPAA secure portal for communication needs, booking & initial evaluation paperwork. It may take me any where from 1 to 5 days to get back to you, pending my clinical caseload. In order to accurately answer specific questions about your body/concerns, I need an assessment, but I can answer general questions about my services, & help with scheduling if necessary with this email.

Ask me:

Submit a general question via email: I’ll try to cover it on Twitter or add it to my FAQs. If I don’t know, I’ll reach out to find the answer!

Telehealth/In-home Appointments:

Until further notice, due to outbreak of COVID-19, all appointments will be scheduled as in-home and/or telehealth. For scheduling, please see the Appointments page.

In-clinic Appointments:

I am not currently seeing patients at Sacramento Spine & PT/Roseville Health & Wellness Center.